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Since PHI’s inception in 1949, safety has been a core value. In over five decades of operation, PHI has logged more that ten million flight hours. During that time, we have developed and refined safety programs and practices which have given us an unprecedented safety record in the commercial helicopter industry.

This has been achieved through awareness, training, accountability, incentives and a strong focus on pro-active efforts relative to safety management. At PHI, we recognize that working safely is a pre-requisite to working efficiently and profitably. From the very highest level of management on down, commitment and accountability drive safety performance. We remain proactive in strengthening our safety culture by continuing to educate employees, monitor and measure results, and recognize safe work practices. In recent years, operational control has been enhanced which has improved systems and processes by developing programs for viewing safety from a risk assessment/risk management/accident avoidance context.

A key factor in enhancing our leadership position in helicopter safety is a Management System in which Key Safety Performance Indicators are identified and tracked throughout the organization.

Over the past ten years, PHI accident rate has average far below the national average. During this time period, we flew a period exceeding two years and over 550,000 flight hours accident free, an accomplishment unsurpassed in the helicopter industry. In 2003, PHI reached yet another milestone when for the first time in PHI history; we obtained an OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate of less than 1 per 200,000 man-hours worked. This is just one more indicator of the fact that PHI is dedicated to providing a safe work place to all employees.

In recognition of our safety accomplishments, PHI has received the Federal Aviation Administration's "High Flyer" Award, the National Ocean Industry Association's "Safety in Seas" Award, the Flight Safety Foundation's "President's Citation for Safety Leadership" Award, the FAA’s “Spirit of Safety Award” and countless other awards honoring our commitment to safety.

PHI also has a longstanding commitment to the protection of the environment. For over a decade, we have actively pursued alternative technologies that allow the substitution of less toxic processes to reduce potential health risks to our employees, to minimize emissions to the environment and to reduce the production and disposal of hazardous wastes. These technology changes have allowed many waste materials to be placed in recycle programs. Through both internal and external environmental audits of facilities and practices, PHI's full time environmental staff has aggressively sought to identify and correct environmental problems.

Through its program of self disclosure, PHI has worked closely with regulatory agencies to address both potential and actual contamination. For example, we have instituted self monitoring of piping systems on a frequent basis for evidence of leakage so that any leakage can be stopped and corrected before harming the environment. With an aggressive written environmental policy that encourages employee participation in identifying and correcting environmental problems, PHI proudly looks to the 21st Century as a leader in the helicopter industry setting the pace for environmental friendly operations.

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Robert Bouillion
Director of HSEQ

Ryan Smith
Flight Safety Manager

Mike Baker
Environmental Manager

Chad Broussard
Industrial Safety Manager

Lenny LeBlanc
Quality Systems Compliance Manager

Amanda Black
HSEQ Administrator